Why Are My Eyes Dry in Winter?

May 21, 2022 | Dry Eyes

Why are my eyes dry in winter?

One of the main reasons is that the weather in winter is normally dry and inside we normally have heaters on, which dries out the air even more. If you are predisposed to dry eyes you may notice this more in winter. What are some ways to treat this? Improve your blink. You may be a poor blinker, not fully closing the lids when blinking. Practice closing the lids, where the top lid touches the bottom, and this can help as the tears are spread over the whole of the eye. Even closing the eyes for a while to let the tears spread around them can help. Placing a warm facecloth onto the lids can increase comfort.

If none of these soothe it enough you may need tear supplements. We recommend preservative free drops and, we feel, the best ones to use are Hylofresh, for standard dryness and Hyloforte for when it is a bit worse.

If you are experiencing dry eyes make an appointment and we will do a special group of tests to find the best ways to treat this.


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