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Contact Lenses

Our practice has a long association with contact lenses.  We were the second optometry practice in Australia to fit hard contact lenses, and have always been one of the leaders in contact lens practice in Australia. 

We enjoy fitting all types of contact lenses, from disposable soft lenses, orthokeratology, to custom design hard scleral lenses.

No matter what your contact lens needs, we have the experience and the desire to help you achieve optimal fit and vision for you.

Soft Contact Lenses

Conventional soft contact lenses

Our practice began fitting soft lenses in the early 70’s.  At that time the lenses were made at a local laboratory.  Each lens was custom designed for the individual and lathe cut at the laboratory.  Care for the lenses involved a separate cleaner, storage solution along with monthly protein treatment.  These lenses were replaced every 18 months to 2 years so they needed a strict cleaning regime to keep them clean and comfortable.  We still use these designs for patients with challenging prescriptions.Disposable lenses

Most soft contact lenses fitted today are disposable lenses. These lenses are constantly being improved. Many manufacturers are coming up with new materials and lens designs to help in improving lens comfort and increasing wear time with a focus on the problem of dry eyes with contact lens wear. There is now a much greater range of prescriptions that can be fitted with soft lenses, so most prescriptions can be covered with conventional or extended range disposable lenses.

Contact lens companies are also looking at ways to improve lens designs for people with astigmatism. Newer designs provide comfortable, stable vision. 

At Boneham Optometrist we have an extensive range of  contact lenses from most of the major suppliers.  This allows us to trial and fit  you with best lens design for your eye comfort and vision. 

Custom contact lenses.  Not all eyes can be fitted with regulation contact lenses.  WIth our experience and technology we  can fit almost everyone with custom designed soft, or hard lenses

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