Hard Lenses

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Hard Lenses

The traditional hard lenses are small ‘plastic discs’ their diameter varies from 8.0 to 10.5 mm.  These have been used in our practice since we first fit them in the 1950’s. We still use these on a number of patients. They provide excellent vision and long term ocular health.

Miniscleral Lenses (Scleral Lenses)

New technologies and better lens materials allows us to fit more patients with larger diameter lenses.  13.50 mm to 17.0 mm. These lenses, known as miniscleral lenses are used especially for patients with conditions where the cornea is heavily distorted such as in keratoconus. These lenses are very comfortable to wear, some patients tell us it is like wearing soft contact lenses. They do not dislodge and do not get dust under them in windy weather.  These lenses stay on so well they have been used in contact sports.  There are special techniques and tools needed for removal.   These techniques can be easily taught

Hybrid Lenses

These lenses consist of a soft, outer skirt, with the centre being a hard lens. These lenses have similar advantages to the miniscleral lenses.  The central hard lens allows excellent central vision whilst the outer, soft skirt allows a stable fit along and comfortable wear 

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