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Know what to expect when you visit our practice.

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Registration form to bring to your appointment. You can also fill it out in our reception area.

Eye Health Tips & Updates

Tips to better manage your eye conditions.

Patient Journey

1. Schedule an appointment

Book an appointment by contacting us on
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2. Preliminary Testing

Imaging will be done before you see the optometrists.

3. Optometrist Tests

Discuss your eye health results and conduct vision testing.

4. Optical Selection

If you need glasses we will proceed to fram selection. If you require contact lens fitting we will process your customised lenses.

What to expect when you come see us

On arrival, you will need to fill in a patient details form, unless you have already filled it in online.


Preliminary Testing

Imaging will be done before you see the optometrists. This will normally include, pressure measurements for glaucoma. Optos imaging of your retina, OCT scanning may also be required, Corneal topography, corneal thickness mapping, may be needed if you have keratoconus, complex contact lens fitting.


Testing with the Optometrist

When you see the optometrist they will discuss the eye health results with you then conduct the vision test.

Our optometrists are trained in general optometry along with further specialist training in specific disorders of the eye. During the consultation, we will go over the relevant parts of your ocular history, examine the results of the pretests and review your vision. After this we can discuss the best management of your specific eye condition, be it the need for general or specific frames and lenses or contact lenses . Occasionally, further tests will be required.

If you have keratoconus or require complex contact lens fitting. We will need to conduct extra scans and conduct trial lens fittings. The consultation could be up to 1 hour or more to allow us to get all the details we need before ordering your lenses.
If you are coming for orthokeratology lens fitting again we need to take a lot of images to get as much information on the eye shape. We also need to measure corneal thickness and eyeball length.


After the Consultation

If you need glasses you will proceed to our frame section and choose the frames that best suit your face , complexion and your prescription.

If you came in for contact lens fitting we will order your customised lenses after looking at all the results

How long will it take?
The eye test will take around 45 minutes and then the frame selection time will vary. On average it will be a further 15 to 30 minutes. So, give yourself 1 to 1 ½ hours.

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