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Aug 9, 2022 | General

Welcome to Our Winter Newsletter!

It’s great to see people returning to the city, and coming back in for their eye tests after a difficult couple of years. Some of you have been in whilst others haven’t been seen since pre-covid times, we’d like to fill you in on what’s been happening at our practice since then.

New Website

Our new website includes some exciting new features. You can book an appointment online without needing to call or email us! We also have some informative blogs on various eye conditions, and continue to post and update these and various offers. Click here to view the latest multiple pair family and friends lens offer.

New Technologies

The Covid hiatus allowed us to review our technology requirements for the practice. Newer and better technologies are being introduced to the market, which allows us to gather even more information about your eye health and vision. Since 2019 we have added a new scanning OCT, a wide field ophthalmoscope (Optos) and a machine that scans the whole of the front of the eye (SMap).

Wide Field Ophthalmoscope (Optos)

In this newsletter we will concentrate on the Optos, a machine which has greatly helped us diagnose eye health conditions. The Optos allows us to look right out to the edge of the back of the eye, all with one image, and through an undilated pupil.

This technology has helped us pick up many conditions that our patients were unaware of. Importantly, it has picked up weaknesses in the retina that could lead to retinal detachments. It allows us to review freckles in the back of the eye, which rarely turn into cancers but need to be monitored. It also allows us to diagnose diabetic retinopathy. These conditions are so important that we now perform this Optos test on every patient when we are performing a comprehensive eye examination.

Optos Scan

A lot of problems with the eyes are not associated with symptoms that is why, it is important that you come back in to get your eyes checked. If you’ve not yet returned since Covid, now is the time.

Latest Frame Range

Resrei is our latest range coming to you handmade from Italy with love. The exciting acetate colours, creative shapes and very high quality manufacturing, complements our existing ranges, while offering you something different and exciting to wear.

We absolutely love this range and you seem to as well as they were quick to leave the shelves. Emma, our front of house, is wearing one herself. Come in and see what the fuss is about and fall in love with them like we have.


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