Visioffice 3 and Varilux Xclusive 4D

Feb 17, 2023 | General

New technology is pivotal in providing the best care for our patients. That’s why we have invested in the Visioffice 3, the latest measuring tool from Essilor which offers the highest precision yet. With this new technology we are able to measure your glasses uniquely to your wearing style. The Visioffice has the latest in lens measurement technology, automatically analysing your posture and head position for optimal wearing comfort. We believe that successful progressive lens wear comes when we can tailor your lenses to your individual requirements, and so when all your measurements are completed, we then fit your glasses with Essilor’s most advanced lens, the Xclusive 4D. This lens gives maximum vision and comfort, made specifically for you and your needs, as opposed to the ‘one size fits all’ approach of competitors lenses. Call us, or make a booking, if you want to be measured up for the latest in lens technology.


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