Soft Multifocal Contact Lenses for Myopia Control

May 21, 2022 | Myopia

Another effective tool in myopia control are soft multifocal contact lenses.

Multifocal contact lenses have been around a while and have been used for patients over 45 who needed to be able to see in the distance and read with their contact lenses. The effect of these lenses on the optics of the eye is fairly similar to that created by orthokeratology lens wear so, it did not take long for optometrists to work out that these lenses could also help in the slowing of myopia progression. Contact lens companies have put a lot of research into design and have come up with a number of advances that have optimised these lenses’ effectiveness in controlling myopia progression.

Here at Boneham Optometrist, we have access to the latest myopia control soft contact lenses. Give us a call so that we can arrange a trial of these lenses for you.


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