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Nov 16, 2022 | General, Hard Lenses, Keratoconus

Recently we added two new products to our contact lens maintenance solutions to ensure that we are offering the best and most up to date solutions for our advanced contact lens wearers. 

Soleko, from the Japanese company Menicon, is a new hydrogen peroxide solution.    These solutions are the best and most popular soaking solutions for the soft and hard lenses that we sell at Boneham Optometrists.    The solution has many advantages, most notably the high kill rate of bacteria along with it being preservative free.  These properties make long time lens wear safer and more comfortable.  

Eyeye solution is an especially good saline for our Miniscleral wearing patients. What makes it different from other bottled salines is that it has virtually no preservatives and it’s pH is 7.0. How do these scientific facts relate to my eyes when wearing minisclerals.

pH. Some patients notice stinging when inserting their lenses. Usually this is due to a difference between the pH of the saline they are using and that of their tears. Eyeye’s pH is such that it is similar to our tears. The effect we have noticed in our patients with this problem is that the stinging goes away when using this.

Preservatives. Long time exposure to solution preservatives can cause irritation and redness of the eyes. The less preservative the better for the long term health and comfort of the eyes.

Contact us if you want to discuss or try these new solutions. 


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