Caring for your hard lenses

Sep 1, 2022 | Hard Lenses

To ensure successful wear with hard contact lenses you need to look after them carefully. Hard lenses have seen a bit of a renaissance lately, especially with the advent of mini scleral and orthokeratology contact lenses. Along with this, there has been a number of improvements in the solutions that we use for cleaning the lenses. Boston products have been a mainstay of hard lens care for many years. Over the last few years we have introduced some new cleaning products that our patients are finding really improve the cleanliness and clarity of their hard lenses.

Ote clean is the latest cleaner we are recommending. This uses an alcohol-based system, along with no plant or animal-based products. It is a very effective cleaner for both hard and soft contact lenses.

For removal of protein build-up on the lenses nothing beats Progent. Progent has been around for years now but is very effective at removing protein from your hard lenses. With an, at least, monthly soak you will keep your hard lenses clean for longer, improving comfort and vision.


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